At STEM Fuse we take enormous pride in the fact that our courses are:

  • Now taught in all 50 states
  • Meet ALL applicable state & national standards
  • All curriculum was designed first and foremost with the teacher in mind
  • Extremely easy to teach regardless of technical experience
  • Contains everything needed and are ready-to-teach immediately

Oh, and that our teachers love us! In other words we are a teacher’s best friend – WE ROCK! Don’t just take my word for it, check out some of the feedback, comments and videos we have received from our client-teachers and their students. Thanks for your interest! We look forward to working with you, your school, and your students!

Carter Tatge

Video Testimonials

Wolsey Wessington High School
Wolsey, SD
North Greene High School
Greeneville, TN
Springwater Trail High School
Gresham, Oregon
STEM High School
Redmond, WA
STEM High School
Redmond, WA
Luverne High School
Luverne, MN
Copperas Cove High School
Copperas Cove, TX
James Hubert Blake High School
Silver Spring, MD
Argyle Middle School
Silver Spring, MD
Northern Lakes Regional Academy
Rice Lake, WI
Dakota Valley High School
Dakota Valley, SD
Will Traber
DC Everest Sr. High School
Weston, WI

Text Testimonials

I wanted to update you with my students' reading progress. I am more than happy to say we started off the year with 20 students below grade level and are now at about 7. I have students that could NOT read at the beginning of the year and are now above grade level. I am also happy to say I was able to fully implement read-it this year and enjoy it. Thank you!

Jessica Tallman, New Century School

Here is a testimonial from a Texas teacher who is using STEM:IT Middle School with her 6th – 8th graders:

We are currently completing the cell phone accessory project and the students are having a great time with it. One group has created a suction cup case that can be mounted on desks in classrooms for students to slide their phones into allowing teachers to monitor the use of them and prevent them from falling off the desks. Other groups have made personalized cases, cases that have clip-on cords to prevent dropping, projectors to slide phones into, pillow-topped cases, and even a pop-up shade to allow you to see your screen better when outside in the sun! These are just a few of their creations. Our next unit of study will be the inventions. The students are eager to design even more creative, useful items for themselves. If time allows, we will conclude the year with Healthy Eating. My students thought it would be a good idea to come up with a way to inform their peers about healthy eating and physical activity that can be done during the summer. I look forward to using even more of the units this next school year. Thanks for checking in with me.
Have a great day!

Shelli Morgan, Ballinger Junior High

I thought I would share one of our proudest results…this is a progress monitoring graph for our lowest 2nd grader (at the beginning of the year---no longer!!!). As you can see, this student was slowly improving through the year, but recently, he has skyrocketed!! This aim-line, if he stays on it, shows he will end the year AT GRADE LEVEL!!!

We are so very excited about the results in our students---every student has improved!!

Kristi Maloney, Dakota Valley Elementary

Every week I count down the minutes until computer class with Mr. Yerdon to use his STEM Fuse curriculum. I was inspired the first day that we used STEM to make my own games. My first game was a version of Pong, the first video game created. I have now created four original games! I also created a movie to persuade my parents to allow me to get a dog! Now I am always asked how I learned to make these games. I say it was Mr. Yerdon that inspired me and Scratch that allowed me to create! Scratch is very easy to use and is quite entertaining. Mr. Yerdon is an amazing educator and teaches how to use this program exceptionally well. Using STEM has inspired me to be a computer software programmer when I grow up.

Alex D. - 5th Grader, Dr. NH Jones Elementary School

Teaching GAME:IT Elementary as part of the STEM Fuse curriculum has brought real world technology into our school's elementary computer lab. Student's higher level thinking and organizational skills have greatly increased because of this interactive course.

Daniel Yerdon, Dr. NH Jones Elementary School

I just wanted to share my excitement. I started the new semester with the GAME:IT curriculum, and I am "WOWED". My students were engrossed and engaged in the video, the worksheet, and even my lecture part during the powerpoints. Thanks for allowing us to participate and learn using your curriculum. I know it is only one class, but I LOVE IT. This is JUST EXACTLY what I needed for this group of students.

Mike Gay, Cullman Area Career Center

I credit GAME:IT with turning some of my most unwilling science students into tech-saavy science dynamos. Students arrive to class every day eager to program, and the structure of the course allows them to move at their own pace. I had no programming experience before teaching the course, but the objectives have taken very little time to master. Teaching GAME:IT is a joy for me and all of my students.

Erik Davies, Construction Careers Center Charter High School

Just wanted to say my 2 sections of Game:IT are eating this stuff up and loving it! Once they have the assignment in hand it doesn't take long for them to make their own creative mods and become "Immersed" in their creation! Its been great implementing this in the classroom as well as conversing with you on details along the way!

Kevin Dick, Mankato East High School