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Product Description

STEM Fuse Website design is a semester-long curriculum that gives students hands-on experience designing professional looking websites. Through web development essentials such as HTML, CSS, and other fundamenals, students will follow our lesson plans to develop the following website design and development skills:

  • Knowledge of the fundamental components that make a website function
  • Ability to design multiple websites of varying difficulty levels using a project based approach
  • How to build a website from beginning to end by working on an individual website project
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills by working in project teams to launch a more complex website
  • How to launch and promote a fully functional website
  • Educational tools that will allow students to continue learning and building websites outside the classroom

STEM Fuse's website design curriculum provides the step by step curriculum materials to get students from learning the very basic website concepts to building professional websites. The curriculum puts practice first and theory second. This is demonstrated in the first unit where students build their first fully functional websites. The curriculum then goes back and shows students how the website really works, reinforcing the concepts learned while building their first website. The curriculum also covers standard website design technologies and skills such as HTML, CSS, content management systems (CMS), the software development lifecycle, and much more. The curriculum also covers careers and future education opportunities for students interested in website design, website development, and project management. The ultimate goal is educate students on the various options that are available and allowing them to continue pursuing their own website design and development education on their own.

Curriculum Sponsors

We could not create this curriculum without the help of all of those who supported our successful Kickstarter Campaign.

What's Included

All STEM Fuse curriculum is powered by our online curriculum delivery platform STEM Fuse Educate. This online platform allows teachers and students to access full course materials from any device with internet access. After completing an introductory training, you will receive an email with information on how to access your curriculum. This email will provide the login details needed. Also provided is full PDF's of all the materials. Not sure if you are ready to buy? Contact and ask to review the curriculum.

Each unit comes with a Teachers Guide and ALL materials you will need to teach the course: presentations, documents, worksheets, quizzes, answer keys and step-by-step instructions on how to complete all website projects. Our worksheets and quizzes are available both online and as static PDFs for printing. The materials are organized within their respective units. This entire course is 100% web based which keeps costs low, allows you access anytime and offers you several different ways to deliver the information and teach the course. You can project the materials on STEM Fuse Educate, print and hand them out, or email them to your students. The curriculum is flexible to fit around your needs.

Course Standards

Website design conforms to national CTE, ISTE - NETS for Students, and 21st Century Learning & Innovation Skills standards. STEM Fuse can provide you an applicable crosswalk for a particular standard if needed. Below are links to the standards that we have aligned this curriculum towards.

Compare to National CTE Standards - Click Here

Compare to ISTE - NETS for Students - Click Here

Compare to 21st Century Learning & Innovation Skills - Click Here

Compare to College and Career Readiness - Click Here

Technical Requirements

For a course on website development, there are few requirements in regards to the technology. To successfully prepare and run the course, your student should have the ability to access or download the following:

  • A PC or Mac with the ability download Visual Studio Code 
  • Internet should be available to allow students to access websites for additional information, images and software downloads
  • Students will use a browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox, to not only acquire assets but also to create their website