STEM:IT Elementary
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Why bring STEM into this classroom? Because it creates problem solvers! STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM skills allow students to identify problems and use a logical approach to find a solution. STEM is more than content; it’s a way of thinking and doing.

STEM:IT Elementary is a supplementary program that uses core curriculum topics to introduce how STEM skills are needed and used in every subject. Students are also given a challenge in each lesson to utilize their problem solving skills.

Each lesson includes a step-by-step guide for the teacher, cross curricular ideas, and presentations that are fun and informative. Each topic contains the lesson presentation, a coding lesson presentation that ties in with the topic and a 3D lesson presentation.

Standards are listed in the Teacher’s Guide for what is covered in the lesson. All lessons are user friendly and take no extra training to teach.

What's Included

STEM:IT Elementary Topic Guide

A STEM lesson in each of the Grades K-5 for the subjects of Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, English/Language Arts. Each of the subjects contain: Teacher’s Guide, Lesson Presentation, Coding Presentation, 3D Project Presentation, and Teacher Resources

Curriculum Layout

STEM:IT Elementary is broken down by grade level and then further by subject. Each subject will contain a Lesson Presentation, Coding Presentation, and 3D Project Presentation.

Course Standards

STEM:IT was built with 21st century learning skills in mind. While each STEM:IT lesson contains core content standards found within that subject, every challenge also includes NGSS engineering standards, ISTE technology standards, and Common Core technical standards. Click the link below to explore the NGSS, ISTE, and Common Core standards utilized across the STEM:IT series curriculum.

View Course Standards

Technical Requirements

All programs used within STEM:IT Elementary are in-browser, no downloadable programs are required. The latest version of any modern browser is recommended.