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STEM Fuse was founded with one simple purpose; improve, promote and develop student engaging STEM curricula.  We are truly excited to offer GAME:IT Elementary! GAME:IT Elementary provides 60 hours of hands-on, project based instruction that will expose your 3rd - 6th grade students to ALL facets of STEM through game design.

Taking the same “easy to teach, easy to learn” approach that we have used in developing our previous middle and high school level game design courses , GAME:IT Elementary is designed to be taught by any education professional regardless of technical background and learned by any 3rd - 6th grade student.

GAME:IT Elementary uses the Scratch game engine as the tool to teach students how to design and program real working computer games. And as cool and educational as game design is, we don’t stop there. Game design allows us to teach students a wide range of STEM and 21st Century Skills and concepts! Students will also learn how to work in development teams, create original game projects and learn how STEM concepts in science, math, technology and engineering are vital to building the games they build and play not only in this course but those they play at home, on phones and on computers.

GAME:IT Elementary also covers how important ongoing STEM education is and encourages students to start thinking a little bit about how science, math, technology and engineering improves the world around them. Not only do we want to engage and educate these 3rd - 6th grade students now, we want to engage and challenge them to think about how STEM offers terrific opportunities as they progress toward their secondary and post-secondary education.

This course can be used in a variety of ways in your school (i.e., traditional computer programming class, as self-paced activities in the media center, coding club, STEM camps, summer school activity, Community Ed, extensions labs, with gifted and talented students, independent study, etc.)

What's Included

• A comprehensive teacher’s guide – this course is designed to be taught regardless of technical experience… anyone can teach this!!

• 60 hours of detailed, hands-on, project based game design lessons utilizing the popular Scratch game engine that aligns with 21st Century Skills and ISTE.NETS (we even sneak a little math & physics in there!)

• Absolutely everything needed to implement and teach including: detailed directions, assessments, vocabulary exercises, easy to follow game lessons and STEM introduction exercises

• Additional projects for students to continue with at home, before or after school or during the summer

Curriculum Layout

GAME:IT Elementary provides up to 60 hours of hands-on, project based instruction that will expose your students to ALL facets of STEM through game design.

Upon purchase, you will be granted access to the full curriculum. Here is a snapshot of the materials that are included.

Course Standards

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

Scratch can be downloaded on both Windows and Mac Operating systems. Both download links can be found by clicking on the following link.

Click here to download Scratch

The Scratch program will have to be downloaded on every individual computer. If you wish to install Scratch on a network the following tutorial will help in completing the installation. Note the download instructions provided on the power points do not use this method.


Requirements for Mac operating system

Mac OSX 10.4 or later

Requirements for Windows operating system

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8

Additional Requirements

Computer must have access to the internet to download program. Internet is not needed once the program has been installed on the computer.

Scratch Online

If choosing to use scratch online, there will be no software or other programs to download. The only technical requirement would be an internet connection. Online program can be accessed by clicking this link