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Product Description

GAME:IT Junior is an introductory level game design course that will engage students with project-based learning and get them excited about technology.  Our unique, easy-to-follow material will take your students from simple “drag-n-drop” programming to actually writing some code.  They will also learn to create animated and multi-directional sprites and add backgrounds & sounds to their games.  At the end of each game lesson, there is an assignment that requires the students to build on their programming skills.  This ensures they are learning and not just simply following directions.

In addition to the technical skills, this 18 week course covers the basic math & physics concepts used in game development and how the engineering design cycle is used to design games and as a problem solving method.   It also explores the career opportunities and educational paths (both in high school and beyond) required to land a job in this industry.

GAME:IT Junior was developed by teachers for teachers.  It is a full 18 week course that can be used in whole or in part in many ways, offering great flexibility for your school.  It can be taught as a stand-alone course, a supplement to a math, science or technology class or as an after-school or summer learning program.

Attract and engage your students with GAME:IT Junior!

The subscription to this course is per school. There is no limit to the number of students that can take the course during the subscription period or the number of teachers that can utilize the course materials in their classroom.

What's Included

All STEM Fuse curriculum is powered by our online curriculum delivery platform STEM Fuse Educate. This online platform allows teachers and students to access full course materials from any device with internet access. Upon purchase of Game:IT Junior you will receive an email with information on how to access your curriculum. This email will provide the login details needed. Also provided is full PDF's of all the materials.  Not sure if you are ready to buy? Contact and ask to review the curriculum. 

Each unit comes with a Teachers Guide and ALL materials you will need to teach the course: presentations, documents, worksheets, quizzes, answer keys plus step-by-step instructions to build 5 games. We also include the solutions and all resources needed to build the games. Our worksheets and quizzes are available as both online and as static PDFs for printing. In addition, STEM Fuse has also developed Skills test section into each game, so students will now be tested on various elements of building games.

The materials are organized within their respective units. This entire course is 100% web based which keeps costs low, allows you access anytime and offers you several different ways to deliver the information and teach the course. You can project the materials on STEM Fuse Educate, print and hand them out, or email them to your students. The curriculum is flexible to fit around your needs. 

To get a sneek peak, download the teacher guide and the first lesson to building a game. 


Curriculum Layout

Game:IT Junior is broken down into 3 units. Each unit plays a defined role in the curriculum. Units 1 and 2 both build the foundation of game design, as well as introduce students to careers in the game development field. Together these units last 4 weeks and have assessments and worksheets built in. Unit 3 is where students start to build 5 guided games using the Construct 2 game engine. All the tutorials are step-by-step and allow students to also work on their own and build unique elements within the game. The goal of unit 3 is to introduce students to the wide variety of possibilities with the Construct 2 game engine. To get a better idea of exactly what is in the course download the pacing guide below. 

Course Standards

Technical Requirements

Game:IT Junior uses Construct 2 by Scirra. Before you purchase this course check below to make sure your technology can support this course. For more detailed questions about the technology email the STEM Fuse development team at

As a game development course make sure you have access to a computer lab. While building the games isn't required to have internet access there are various other activities thoughout the course that require students to complete actions on the internet. Having the availability to internet will make this course easier to teach and more enjoyable for the students. 

Construct 2 is only compatible with computers running Windows.


Construct 2, the game engine, can be download directly on the Scirra website by visiting Unlike other game engines, Construct 2 can be installed over a networked and doesn't have to be installed on a computer by computer basis. For more information on the options for downloading the software see the Downloading Construct presentation in the course materials. Also, you can read about the downloading options directly on the Construst 2 site by visiting

When downloading Construct 2 make sure to use the latest stable release. Scirra is constantly improving its software and there may be mulitple releases within a short time period. The curriculum used in the course will work with mulitple versions of Construct. To ensure you get the latest stable version just use the download button on page (green button). Construct 2 does also professional addtions to the software, but to run the course you will only need the free version. If you wish to purchase a professional addition contact STEM Fuse for more information. 

Recommended System Requirements for Construct 2:

  • Windows XP or newer
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • HTML5 compatible browser (Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
  • Updated graphics card
  • Screen resolution of 1024×600

For a full list of requirements visit


Construct 3 is ready! This newly released game engine runs within a browser, making it ideal for Mac, Chromebook, and PCs alike! Check out the new features or try it out for yourself to get a feel for the latest in greatest from Scirra! Construct 3 will be featured in our Fall 2018 release of our GAME:IT series courses!

Recommended system requirements:

  • Processor: 2ghz
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Browser: Chrome v57+