Looking to incorporate STEM/STEAM into your school? STEM:IT has you covered! Using topic-driven challenges, coding game activities, and 3D modeling projects, students will experience how STEM is tied to the content they're learning in the classroom. The STEM:IT series is split into three offerings: Elementary, Middle School, and High School. All K-12 grades and subjects are represented.

The STEM:IT curriculum was designed to fit into your existing curriculum, with plenty of a la carte options to work into your classroom. Set up a course demo and experience it for yourself!



The STEM:IT Program Includes:

  • Digital Teacher’s Guides
  • STEM:IT Challenges
  • CODE:IT Game Activities
  • CREATE:IT 3D Print Projects
  • Hands-On Apply:IT Explorations
  • Challenge-Based Rubrics & Journals
  • Content that Works on ANY Device
  • Ongoing Library of STEM:IT Challenges

What is AFNR?

What is AFNR? AFNR is an acronym for Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources! AFNR includes all the collaborative and problem solving skills found in our core STEM:IT topics and applies them to real world topics in the fields of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resoures.


AFNR STEM Challenges

  • STEM:IT Elementary now includes 8 additional AFNR STEM:IT Challenges,16 hands-on activities, 4 coding activities, and 4 3D printing projects! Learn more about the program at https://ndfu.org/youth/ag-stem/.

  • STEM:IT Middle School now incorporates 6 brand new STEM:IT Challenges, 3D Print Projects, and Career Explorations.

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