Robotics and circuitry is an incredibly valuable field of study at every grade level to prepare students for futures in STEM, engineering, and computer science. At STEM Fuse, we've partnered with Meeper Technology, LLC to provide robotics, circuitry, and coding curriculum at an affordable price. Throughout these courses, we've focused on providing students with foundational lessons and skills, as well as included open-ended STEM Design Challenges to get students thinking about how to apply what they've learned to novel, real world challenges.

The best part is all the content, hardware, and more can be implemented seamlessly into a distance learning setup to keep students learning from home! With each course purchase, we also provide the hardware and software required to run the course. This includes:

  • Meeper App (works with iOS, Android, & Chromebook)

  • MeeperBOT 2.0 Robots

  • Meeper Circuit Controller

  • Snap Circuits Components

  • Accessories, Extra Parts, and More

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