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Foundations in AFNR & STEM Careers

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Explore the Seven Clusters of AFNR & STEM Careers

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Welcome to the Foundations in AFNR & STEM Careers course! The course serves as a hands-on survey and introduction to AFNR fields, technology, and the skills and competencies within the industry. The course focuses on the development of real world projects that students can use to demonstrate their AFNR and STEM skills.

This intro course will focus on the past, present and future of America’s agriculture industry and the impact technology continues to make. Students will explore the seven AFNR sub-clusters. Students will also research career and college opportunities in each area of the sub-clusters featured throughout the course.

This course is typically bundled with the Technical Skills in Agribusiness & AFNR and Capstone Course: Applications of AFNR courses.

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What’s Included
  • Unlimited Seats
  • 135+ Hours of Curriculum
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Activities & Assignments
  • Challenge-Based Projects
  • Career Explorations
  • Assessments
  • Teacher Resources
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Interactive Lessons
Digital & Hands-On Activities
Standard-Based Assessments
Technical Requirements
  • PC, Mac, or Chromebook

  • Internet Access with Chrome Browser

  • Google Apps for Schools or Microsoft Office

  • Access to YouTube, Tinkercad, & STEM Fuse Educate