Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know much about the following four subject areas: Games, Mobile, Health and Business. How can I teach these classes?

We have designed our courses at an introductory level for teachers and students. Previous experience in the subject areas ARE NOT required. Each course includes a comprehensive teacher’s guide that can be followed daily.

What is STEM Fuse?

STEM Fuse is an education based company that designs K-12 curricula that attract students to technology and STEM related courses. STEM Fuse was created and piloted by high school technology and business teachers to get students excited about science, technology, engineering and math. We offer courses in the following subjects: Game Design & Development, Mobile Application Development and Health Information Technology.

Why should my school offer these courses?

Many different technical skills are needed to complete the tasks outlined in our courses. For instance, several technical skills are needed to produce a working game in our GAME:IT course. All of our courses are EXTREMELY POPULAR with students.

STEM Fuse courses give high school technology departments an excellent tool to teach valuable skills AND attract students!

What happens if I get stuck on a lesson?

We have many different support avenues for you. If you are stuck on a project within one of our courses we would encourage you or your students to try to problem solve as a group or on your own first – as this is part of the learning process.

Why is the course so inexpensive?

The short answer…our student survey.

STEM Fuse has a mission to create affordable, high-quality STEM curriculum that will attract students. Our goal is to inspire ALL students to learn more about STEM related courses and careers, so we are extremely cost conscious to ensure that all schools have a chance to teach GAME:IT.

We have partnered with (and continue to add partners) post-secondary institutions and education focused businesses to help subsidize our costs.

We are able to do this as a result of our student survey. In fact, if your class participates in our survey you may qualify for our school grant funds.

Click here to learn more about our survey.

Is this course for all ages of high school students?

After years of testing and teaching GAME:IT, our pilot teachers feel it is best suited for 10th - 12th grades – however younger students with an aptitude and patience for technology have succeeded in the course.

Should there be a pre-requisite for these courses?

As long as your students are comfortable with computing skills like using a mouse, navigating the Internet and using Microsoft Word they should have the skills to participate.

Do I need to know anything about computer programming?

Although a background in programming would obviously help, it is NOT REQUIRED! As long as you have some basic comfort with computing and technology you should be fine.

What equipment will I need for each course?

Before you purchase, make sure you have access to the technology and equipment needed to teach each course.
Computer lab with internet access
Internet access is a must as the courses will send your students to various websites for activities, video clips, games and research.

Overhead Projector or Printer / Copier
All course material is web based to keep costs down, provides easy access anywhere with internet connection and enhances flexibility. Most topics are covered in PowerPoint format so the ability to project them or print them out is a must.

What materials will I need for each course?

There are no text books to purchase or additional programs. Anything you need (PowerPoints, handouts, video clips, game projects, quizzes, assignments, etc.) are organized within each unit.

The courses are all 100% web based. This keeps our costs down, allows you easy access and gives you flexibility on how you wish to deliver the material.

How long is each course?

Each course is extremely flexible. The courses are semester long and can be adjusted depending on your school calendar.

What is GAME:IT

GAME:IT was created and piloted by high school technology and business teachers. At its core GAME:IT is a computer programming course with a dash of physics, math and business mixed in – all taught through game design. What better way than gaming to get students excited about science, technology, engineering and math?

Students will learn:

  • How to program their own games
  • Team work and problem solving skills by using the design cycle method
  • Why a basic understanding of physics & math is needed in game design
  • How the very skills used in game design translate to careers in all areas of technology and business

We want to ensure that all of our courses provide an outstanding educational experience for our teachers and students. We have taken extreme care to make our instructions, materials and projects easy to follow. But have no fear, if you run into obstacles along the way we have several excellent resources to provide help.

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STEM Fuse is an education based company that designs K-12 curricula that attract students to technology and STEM related courses.