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Product Description

To date, STEM Fuse has developed curricula in the areas of technology, computer science, true STEM and health science. That changes with START:IT – our introductory high school level entrepreneurship class. The time is right to include entrepreneurship under the STEM Fuse umbrella because technology is such a huge factor in starting and running a business.  Entrepreneurship is also becoming more vital than ever as the job market for recent and future high school and college grads is in a prolonged slump, worse than was seen during the Great Depression according to the U.S. Department of Labor.  In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly all net job creation in the U.S. since 1980 occurred in firms less than five years old.

Technology has advanced to the point that young entrepreneurs with basic technical skills can leverage global marketing opportunities brought about by the internet and social media sites. There are many low cost or free business software options that are available to help new business owners as well. It is our goal through START:IT to teach the standard concepts of entrepreneurship and business planning plus introduce and train students on industry standard technologies that can help them succeed in any career. Technologies like Google Apps (compared to Microsoft’s Office), Drupal Gardens web site editor, Facebook & Twitter.

START:IT aligns with standards, contains 18 weeks (90 hours) of course material and is 100% ready-to teach. In keeping with standards and 21st Century Skills, START:IT puts a premium on using technology applications and digital tools for research and in practice. Students will take an active role in their learning and will experience first-hand the initiative, creativity and innovation required of a successful entrepreneur.  To this end we are pleased to offer the START:IT Business Competition (Unit 6) where your students will actually “pitch” their projects to an accredited investment firm with the opportunity to win funding!

There has never been a better, or important, time to explore entrepreneurship!

What's Included

  • 18 weeks (90 hours) of completely organized and standards aligned material covering the basics of entrepreneurship and business startups – this includes assessments and assignments
  • All material is easy to follow with each unit containing a detailed teacher’s guide
  • All technology projects are easy to follow and assume no previous experience by teacher or student
  • Hands on projects using Google Apps for presentations, slide decks, financial statements and office management functions
  • Hands on project using Drupal Gardens to design and develop an actual business web site
  • Unit 6 Capstone project that takes a team through the business concept stage all the way to the point of pitching to an actual accredited investment firm

Curriculum Layout

Course Standards

Aligned with state standards and with The National Consortium of Entrepreneurship Education

Technical Requirements

This course is infused heavily with technology both for research and in actual practice. We highly recommend this course be taught in a computer lab or at minimum with access to the internet and these few additional requirements:

  • Access to internet
  • Access to You Tube (educational clips and creation of business pitch video)
  • Access to Google Applications (Gmail, and Google Drive)