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Product Description

The Read:IT reading program aligns with all five components recommended by the National Reading Panel—phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Written in a format ready for RTI (Response to Intervention) implementation, this research-based curriculum provides a step by step multisensory approach that is more teacher friendly than any other program of its kind. As it is aligned with the reading and spelling common core standards, teachers are guaranteed to teach all necessary skills and strategies at the appropriate developmental levels of their students.

Phonemic Awareness is the foundation of reading. Without it, many children struggle to learn phonics—a necessary tool for decoding words. Finding by the National Reading Panel showed that teaching children to manipulate the sounds in language helps them learn to read. In this curriculum, phonemic awareness is implemented in the early grades of Kindergarten and First Grade. It is also imbedded in tiers two and three for grades two through five. Ongoing assessments are imbedded so that teachers can monitor student progress.

Phonics Instruction provides students with tools to decode words and spell accurately. This curriculum uses a systematic phonics approach to ensure that all phonetic skills are taught. Lessons then incorporate these skills into actual reading practice for the students. Phonics skills are provided at all grade levels, but are more in depth for the RTI levels two and three. Ongoing assessments are imbedded so that teachers can monitor student progress.

Vocabulary Instruction gives a reader access to meaning while reading. This course gives students developmentally appropriate sight words as well as vocabulary that is taught systematically as well as within the practice text. Ongoing assessments are imbedded so that teachers can monitor student progress.

Fluency Instruction guides students in their ability to read text with speed, accuracy and proper expression. Fluency is a critical component of reading comprehension. This course provides teachers with fluency passages as well as specific fluency strategies at each grade level. Ongoing assessments are imbedded so that teachers can monitor student progress.

Comprehension Instruction provides students with active strategies to set a purpose prior to reading, focus and comprehend text while reading, and be able to reflect, paraphrase and synthesize following reading. Explicit and direct instruction to comprehending text is provided at each grade level of this program. Ongoing assessments are imbedded so that teachers can monitor student progress.


Reading Curriculum Q & A

What makes this reading program different?

The Read:IT Program is unlike any of its kind in that it provides teachers with a very individualized approach to all students in the classroom. Using an RTI model, this curriculum has specified lesson plans for each of the three tiers per grade level. Each lesson uses a very systematic multi-sensory approach to phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension. This program has over ten years of evidence-based research and has proven over and over again to help even the most struggling reader.

How can I monitor the success of my students?

Pre, mid and post assessments are recommended throughout the course. Daily recommended scores are also provided to give teachers a guideline to monitor student progress.

What results can I expect?

This program has been tested in a clinical one-on-one setting for over ten years at the Excel Achievement Reading Clinic in Sioux Falls, SD. Students with reading difficulties, including those with dyslexia were able to reach grade-level reading ability or above in just a few months.

Is this program easy for teachers to implement in their classrooms?

The teacher friendly format of these lesson plans gives teachers the step by step instructions necessary to be effective with children at all levels of reading. Each component gives teachers the approximate time it takes to complete the lesson, the common core standard that is being taught, and provides ongoing assessment instructions to guarantee results.

Does this curriculum fit the Common Core Standards?

Yes. The reading and spelling common core standards are implemented and listed on each daily lesson plan.

How does this course align with an RTI model?

Daily lessons are written for each grade level at each tier level. To see examples click the link below:

3rd Grade Week 11

How does this course align with the National Reading Panel's findings?

Specific direct instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension is integrated in each of the daily lesson plans.

Is there systematic phonics instruction?

As shown in the above example, systematic phonics is taught at all three tiers of instruction. All five principles of English spelling is taken into account:

  1. Words' language of origin and history of use can explain their spelling.
  2. Words' meaning and part of speech can determine their spelling..
  3. Speech sounds are spelled with single letters and/or combinations of up to four letters.
  4. The spelling of a given sound can vary according to its position within a word.
  5. The spellings of some sounds are governed by established conventions of letter sequences and patterns.

Will this curriculum work with a child who has dyslexia?

Yes. As this curriculum uses a multi-sensory direct approach to instruction, and has a strong emphasis on phonemic awareness and systematic phonics instruction, it is extremely successful with students who have dyslexia. One of the writer's of this curriculum also sits on the board for the International Dyslexia Association.

What type of training is provided?

Teachers are provided with six hours of virtual training prior to beginning the program as well as weekly ongoing 30 minute live sessions with one of our instructors.

What's Included

  • A step by step approach to phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension for each grade level at each of the three RTI tiers.
  • Daily lesson plans aligned with the common core standards for each of the three RTI tiers
  • All multi-sensory materials to successfully implement the program
  • Ongoing assessments to monitor student progress in all five of the reading components
  • Pre-training for teachers
  • Weekly webinars for ongoing training for teachers

Curriculum Layout

3rd Grade Reading Curriculum

Course Standards

Our reading curriculum not only fully aligns with Common Core, but each lesson – each and every single lesson – is annotated with the applicable Common Core standard(s) being met… and we don’t stop there!  Our detailed, extremely “teacher-friendly” curriculum design also incorporates those important 21st Century Skills that along with Common Core put your students on a path to succeed as they continue their academic career and eventually toward college and career readiness (CCR).
*Remember – our curriculum comes with ALL 3 RTI tiers with each tier fully standard aligned!  This is truly an all-encompassing solution for any reader!

Technical Requirements

There are no additional programs or software needed to run this course. Additional materials used throughout the class are provided with purchase. Internet access is required to download the digitial copy of this curriculum.