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Product Description

Many people visit the doctor once a year for a check-up. Your height and weight are measured. Your lungs are listened to, your heartbeats are counted, and your blood pressure is checked. The doctor asks you several questions about how you are feeling and if you are having any problems.   Health Information technicians enter this information into computers. For example, they enter the patient’s age, gender, history and extent of disease, and treatment. Then technicians assign a code to each diagnosis and procedure.  Health information technicians may also perform other related duties. These may include transcription, processing insurance bills, and handling patient admission and discharge forms. Experienced technicians may train or supervise other medical records staff.

Health:IT is an introductory course centered around the fast growing and ever changing world of health information technology (HIT) & health information management (HIM).  A perfect storm of technological advances and legislative mandates (Affordable Care Act) has made the health information technologist the FASTEST growing career in the United States today.  In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor has estimated that the HIT / HIM field will grow 22.9% FASTER than the average career field.

This semester-long course is aligned with the standards set by the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) and the Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE) – health science cluster -  and gives students a “day in the life” experience of a medical technologist and offers hands-on medical data & coding input projects, medical vocabulary and career and college exploration.

Health:IT is perfect for students who are interested in the many non-patient contact related health care careers or for the students interested in information technology, database management or electronic record keeping.  Whether taught as a stand-alone health science course or as a supplement to other related health or technology courses, Health:IT is a great way to expose your students to two of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. – health care & technology!

What's Included

The Health:IT Curriculum is web-based and easily accessible from our website. Upon purchase, you will be granted access to the full curriculum and can download the materials to your system.

Each unit comes with a Teacher’s Guide and ALL materials you will need to teach the course: PowerPoints, worksheets, quizzes, answer keys plus step-by-step instructions to build, maintain and analyze 13 hands-on medical record input projects on the Practice Fusion software.  We also include the solutions and all resources needed to build those medical records.  Our worksheets and quizzes are available as both static PDFs for printing or fillable PDFs, allowing the student to complete on their computer and save to a disk.

The materials are organized within their respective units. This entire course is 100% web based which keeps costs low, allows you access anytime and offers you several different ways to deliver the information and teach the course. You can project the PDFs and PowerPoints, print and hand them out, or email them to your students.

Curriculum Layout

The 18 week, semester long, H:IT course is divided up into 4 distinct units.  Unit 1 discusses the history and evolution of health information technology.  Unit 2 introduces and familiarizes student with medical terminology and coding vocabulary.  Unit 3 builds off Unit 1 & 2 to form the “meat” of the course.  Students use Practice Fusion, a real medical record keeping EMR software to create, develop and maintain simulated medical records.  Unit 4 gives an in-depth, informative and real life look into the many post-secondary and career options within the HIT / HIM field.

Course Standards

Technical Requirements

Internet access is a must! Health:IT takes advantage of many new, interactive and highly engaging technologies to bring health information technology to life.  Each unit within this course utilizes the latest digital tools available on the Internet – including the hands-on interactive projects using Practice Fusion in Unit 3.

Here is the list of the websites the students will be directed to in this course. PLEASE NOTE: Students must have an e-mail address to set up their account in Practice Fusion.




Penguin Prof Medical Terms video clip

Medical Dictionary

Merck Manual for Pronunciation

Mondofacto Introduction to Medical Terms


Practice Fusion



CNN Dress for Success clip

Dress Healthcare setting – Men:

Dress Healthcare setting – Women:

Confidentiality matters

What is HIPPA

HIPPA violation examples

HIPPA 101 Rap