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As a first year teacher, it was great to have all of the lessons and assignments already made, and ready for me to easily adapt to fit my own classroom. The fact that everything is able to be edited is fantastic! This saved me planning time and allowed me to spend more time focusing on my students.

Amanda Sirianni - Carlynton Junior-Senior High School

Over the past few years, I have been utilizing STEM Fuse’s 7th & 8th grade curricula in my Learning Support Middle School Math Classes (Grades 7-9). Each of my students learn in different manners, and this series is very conducive to supporting them. Each lesson is broken down in a very creative and systematic manner that enhances organization, as well as overall achievement. These courses are not formatted to promote a traditional approach toward mathematics, but more towards a modern format that keeps my students engaged and interested at all times. I feel that I have been able to reach a more “challenging” learner due to this series making Math more interesting for them. This series will continue to be my primary resource/curriculum within my classes.

Jerry Pepe - Learning Support Math Instructor - Grades 7-9

I have to admit, my Algebra I class was boring last year! But, my Pre-Algebra class, EXCITING!! What’s the difference you ask: THE CURRICULUM. I used a traditional textbook in my Algebra I class and a STEM Fuse math curriculum in my Pre-Algebra class. STEM Fuse’s materials are awesome. They are written by teachers who know first-hand what students need, and that’s a hook. Each lesson begins with a discussion that captures the attention of ALL students. Students quickly find the answer to the question, “when am I ever going to use this?” In my 11 years of teaching, I haven’t seen students so eager to participate as they have been last year in Pre-Algebra!

JMr. Jason Martsolf - Mathematics Teacher - Aliquippa Jr/Sr High