AFNR Course 2 & 3: Technical Skills in Agribusiness + Capstone
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Product Description

This product contains courses 2 and 3 of the AFNR course series. The Technical Skills in Agribusiness & AFNR course dives into the technical side of agribusiness and AFNR through hands-on tools and project-based activities. The Capstone: Applications of AFNR course focuses on the cooperative business structure within agribusiness and allows students to develop and run a cooperative of their own.

The key focus of this course bundle is the focus on agribusiness, entrepeneurship, and applied technologies within agriculture. By the end of these two courses, students will have an impressive portfolio of technological projects and hands-on, real world business experience. This product is licensed for two years to allow implementation of the two courses.


What's Included

  • The Technical Skills in Agribusiness & AFNR Course (110+ Hours)

  • The Capstone: Applications of AFNR Course (110+ Hours)

  • Digital Lessons

  • Hands-On & Digital Activities

  • Challenge-Based Projects

  • Career Explorations

  • Assessments

  • Editable Rubrics & Teacher Resources

Curriculum Layout

Technical Skills in Agribusiness & AFNR Course Layout:

  • MODULE 1 - Intro to Agribusiness

    • Students will be introduced to agribusiness and the type of businesses.

  • MODULE 2 - Agribusiness Marketing

    • Students will learn about the field of agribusiness marketing.

  • MODULE 3 - Agribusiness Management & Economics

    • Students will learn more about agribusiness management and finances.

  • MODULE 4 - Precision Agriculture & Robotics

    • Students will learn about the modern technologies being used in agriculture.

  • MODULE 5 - CAD Skills in Agribusiness

    • Students will learn how computer-aided design can be utilized in agribusiness.

  • MODULE 6 - The Course Project

    • Students will complete the course agribusiness project final with their team.

Capstone: Applications of AFNR Course

  • MODULE 1 - Introduction to Cooperatives

    • Students will be introduced to cooperatives and other types of businesses.

  • MODULE 2 - Cooperative Principles & Practices

    • Students will learn about the essentials of cooperative practices.

  • MODULE 3 - Starting Up a Cooperative

    • Students will learn about how a new cooperative is formed.

  • MODULE 4 - Meet the Capstone Project

    • Students will work with their team to form and run a cooperative.

  • MODULE 5 - Present the Capstone Project

    • Students will present their capstone projects to an audience.

Course Standards

The Technical Skills in Agribusiness & AFNR and Capstone: Applications of AFNR courses utilize the following bodies of standards:

Standard documents can be accessed via your STEM Fuse Sales representative.

Technical Requirements

  • PC or Mac Computer

  • Adafruit Soil Sensor Mini Kit (Included)

  • Internet Access with Chrome Browser

  • Google Apps for Schools or Microsoft Office

  • Access to YouTube, Tinkercad, SketchUp, & STEM Fuse Educate