STEM Fuse would love to send a consultant to your school! STEM Fuse offers a lot of beneficial resources, but we will also show you what else is out there. The more attendees, the more cost effective STEM Fuse can be when preparing the training.
STEM ED: We can offer training on courses, CTE/STEAM standards, free CTE/STEAM resources, how to teach STEAM for different age groups, Technology Summer Camps, and secondary and career information. Basically any questions related to STEAM education we can get answered for you. With over 6 years of experience, our consultants have helped hundreds of thousands of students and teachers learn how to use STEAM in the classroom. We will provide you with information about our nationwide partnerships, and what these partnerships can provide for your students and schools. 
Elementary Reading Education: We offer training on the following areas in ELA education:
  • multi-sensory approaches to phonemic awareness and phonics
  • teaching spelling in a way that lasts
  • engaging comprehension lessons to promote STEM education
  • teaching writing made easy
Pricing for Onsite PD: $2500 plus travel expenses
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