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STEM:IT MS with Robotics

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Integrate STEM, Robotics, & Circuitry into Core Subjects

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Welcome to the STEM:IT MS with Robotics course! Why bring STEM into this classroom? Because it creates problem solvers! STEM skills allow students to identify problems and use a logical approach to find a solution. STEM is more than content - it’s a way of thinking and doing.


Within each core-aligned topic folder, the following content is included: Teacher's Guide, STEM:IT Challenge, Career Focus, 3D Print Project, and Teacher Resources.


Simply select a folder below to begin!

Curriculum Layout
What’s Included
  • Unlimited Seats
  • 300+ Hours of Curriculum
  • Meeper Hardware Kits
  • Interactive Lessons
  • 3D Print Projects
  • Career Focus Activities
  • Digital Journals
  • Teacher Resources
Discover The Course
Plug & Play Curriculum
Interactive Lessons & Projects
Digital Journals & Activities
Course Standards
Technical Requirements
  • PC or Tablet Device
  • Chrome Browser
  • Access to Tinkercad, Scratch, YouTube