Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 00:00

I’m not going to name any names…but one of our employees told a story today about their first day of school as a 3rd grader. She was all dressed up in her new school clothes and ready to pose for mom outside on the front door step (everyone poses on the front door step for a picture on the first day of school…right?) for the family album, before heading out that morning.

Just as mom was snapping the picture, an elderly lady happened to be walking by our (I mean “her”) house with her small poodle. The neighbor lady walked up and kindly offered, “I would love to take a picture for you of both you and your SON together on the front step!” I was thinking…”What?!? SON?!? Does this new short hair cut with the perm on top really make me look that boyish?!? I’m also wearing a new skirt for heaven’s sake!” From that moment on…I started growing my hair out.

Anybody have a great first day/week of school story that they would like to share with STEM Fuse? It can be embarrassing, inspirational or down right hilarious! We would love to hear from you, please comment to this post or email us your stories a While you are at it…we would also love to hear of any stories you might have about your student’s experience/success with GAME:IT or any of our other STEM courses!

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