STEM Fuse Mission

There are over 500,000 (more than any other industry) open careers in Computer Science, making coding the must have skill for the future. Our job here at STEM Fuse is to make coding engaging for students and easy to teach for educators.

Below you will find a sample lesson designed to introduce students to coding. We have taken a cross-curricular approach, which helps to drive student interest in the subject area and allows the students to receive a better understanding of the many different ways coding can be used.

We strive to make STEM education as accessible, engaging, and affordable as it should be! So whether you're searching for a full curriculum or would simply like to incorporate STEM into your existing curricula, we've got something for you!

Gravity Lesson: Falling for Newton

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Here you will find a sample of how the STEM Fuse curriculum works. This digital lesson reinforces our knowledge of gravity by having students code a game. Once you click on the lesson, you have access to the LEARN, EXPLORE, BUILD, and PLAY sections.

Explore the Lesson

To launch the lesson, click the image to the right!

LEARN - Students will interact with the lesson to review the concept of Gravity.
EXPLORE - Students will run in-lesson experiments to get a better understanding.
BUILD - Students follow step-by-step instruction to input code into their game using the Construct 3 Software.
PLAY - Students can play the final game and discuss the role of Gravity.

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