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It’s that time of year again, and while I admit I do have fried food on a stick on my brain, I’m not talking about the State Fair - I’m talking “Back To School”. It seems everywhere I look these days I’m seeing new socks, new shoes, rulers, pencils, folders, backpack, shoes...oh, wait, that’s just in my hallway here at home. However I’m sure people everywhere are prepping for, or have returned, Back To School.

We’ve all had a first day of school, some of us welcomed it (ME!) some of us wished it away (My Kids!). I think the best way to dive into this new school year is by having a good laugh. 

In an attempt to do some “research” before writing this entry I contacted my good friend, Google, and asked if he’d heard any good “First day of school stories”. He laughed and told me some real crazy stuff – a Superintendent fell off a ladder and broke his leg, one girl got a horrible haircut the day before school started, kids slipping and falling in the lunchroom (ouch), kids almost pooping their pants on the bus (ew!), coming face to face with your first crush (OMG!) But, in the end, nothing that really got my giggling out loud.

My next move was to reach out to my friends on social media. And by friends, I mean people I follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The result? A flat tire on the first day of college classes (it was also his birthday...bummer dude), a kid threw his shoes on the roof (oops!), more bad haircuts, really bad outfit decisions (Hey, it was the 80’s!) and A LOT about the lunchroom – what is it about the lunchroom?! But, still, nothing had me in stitches.

Then...I found it. The gem of all gems. The giggle maker. The best of the best. The most creative “Back To School” video my eyes have ever had the privilege of seeing...another wonderful diddy from the Holderness family.

You may remember the Holderness family from late last year when their Christmas card went viral (watch here). Well, they’re back in impressive style with their parody on the song “Baby Got Back”...aptly named “Baby Got Class” {insert drum roll here}

This family absolutely cracks me up!! If you haven’t visited their blog – please do so (after you finish reading this one of fact, I’m not posting the link until the end of this blog. HA!)

So, as you head back to the classroom remember two things:

  1. We’re grateful for teachers. SO SO SO grateful for you. If you don’t hear it today, I’ll say it now – THANK YOU for what you do.

  2. Remember to really is the best medicine.

Oh, as promised, you can find the Holderness Family blog here.

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