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Our technological society has morphed the importance of the newspaper into the power of blogs; I am here to fuel that power. My name is Dylan Winthers, and I am the newest edition to the STEM Fuse family, which has provided me the opportunity to take command of the STEM Fuse blog. There’s a new sheriff in these parts, and there’s going to be some changes ‘round here.

First, the sporadic postings are done; order has arrived. I plan to publish AT LEAST one post every other week. Most likely, the first post will arrive on either Monday or Tuesday while the possible second and third posts will follow.

Next, the first post each week will contain three sections: a personal opinion on a STEM based topic, a researched review of a newly released STEM based article, and defined connection between the two.

So it’ll go a little something like this (unofficial subjects): The implementation of cell phone use within the classroom is awesome. Dr. Sweet Name has just released an article on his/her findings after studying the use of Twitter among students age 14 to 18. When students are allowed to use their phones in the classroom, X% say their Twitter use has increased, yet teachers may be able to harness this increase in Twitter use for educational purposes.

I hope to build a blog where readers can come to learn and share their opinions on popular topics of the STEM fields, most notably the implementation of STEM concepts in education.

It is my opinion that the world of technology has changed the way our lives work, but this isn’t news or a unique opinion. What is new, is the concepts and theories that are centered on the implementation of these new technologies. Technology has changed many fields of thought but none more than communication, medicine, and education. To learn more, follow and respond to the weekly posts where I intend to delve deep into thought about said topics.

Talk to you soon, be well, and Cheers.


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