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Stop the Insanity!

Many districts have room for improvement in their math and reading test scores, yet they continue to use the same curriculum year after year, expecting scores to rise.  Seems insane, doesn’t it?

STEM Fuse offers the solution to districts seeking to improve their student’s proficiency in math and reading.  Our innovative curricula are standard-aligned and has been tested and proven to increase retention, get students performing at or above their grade level and improve test scores. 

Use the materials to replace your current curricula or to supplement your existing curricula to FINALLY reach those students who struggle with these core subjects.

ABOUT READ:IT  http://stemfuse.com/shop/category/reading

Our K-5 READ:IT Program is unlike any of its kind.   READ:IT:

  • Provides teachers with a very individualized approach to all students in the classroom.

  • Uses an RTI model

  • Includes specified lesson plans for each of the three tiers per grade level

  • Uses multi-sensory approach to phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension

  • Shows exactly what Common Core standards are covered in each lesson

  • Has over ten years of evidence-based research & student success

  • Is proven to help students with dyslexia

  • Is very cost-effective

  • Can be purchased with Title 1 funds

  • Includes 6-hours of initial Professional Development plus on-going training throughout the year

Click here for a video that explains more:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=338&v=MSmNvTXZarI

ABOUT OUR MATH CURRICULA  (7th, 8th, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1)   http://stemfuse.com/shop/category/math

Our math program teaches mathematics concepts using games, activities, discussions and real-life examples to engage students and increase retention.   The Standardized Test Results from our two pilot schools speak for themselves:

 Results (Percent performing at or above a proficient level)

 Aliquippa School District, PA (3 year period)

7th grade - From 18% to 72%
8th grade - From 21% to 60% 

 Carlynton School District, PA (2 year period)

7th grade - From 60% to 80%
8th grade - From 65% to 74%
Algebra I Keystone Exam - 55% to 96%

Not only are our resources aligned to the state and national standards and extremely cost-effective, but our lessons are delivered in a user-friendly, electronic format that allows teachers to adjust them with the click of a mouse.

Give us a try!  Our Math and READ:IT programs will raise your district’s math and reading test scores AND cut spending from your budget while doing so. If you’re not convinced yet, join a Math Demo or READ:IT Demo to see for yourself how these programs differ from what you’re currently using and why they are so successful. 

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