Friday, December 20, 2013 - 14:17

Last week was Computer Science Education Week (December 9th through December 15th, 2013). With that came the Hour of Code initiative designed to get as many people as possible to learn some computer science and programming basics. In order to try to help out, STEM Fuse created an interactive online game development tutorial called Flip the Robot Monkey which is still available on the STEM Fuse Arcade.

The goal of our Flip the Robot Monkey game was simple, allow a student to learn some programming, game development, math, and physics basics while trying to teach Flip the Robot Monkey to use his newly acquired monkey robot suit. Overall the entire week was a huge success nationally. The week was also a big success for STEM Fuse and Flip the Robot Monkey, here are some of his stats.

Flip the Robot Monkey Statistics


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