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On Martin Luther King, Jr. day, we at STEM Fuse thought we should say others who we believe carry the traits similar to MLK. 

Amelia Earhart (Summer Hagy)

Believe it or not, Amelia Earhart was a lot like me.  She grew up enjoying the types of activities mostly reserved for boys – climbing trees, sledding, and other non-lady like things.  She was a social worker in Boston, a profession I myself studied in college.  More than that, Amelia was a risk taker and followed her passion.  She believed she should have the same opportunities as men, and decided she would have them.  After all…“The most effective way to do it, is to do it." – Amelia Earhart

Abraham Lincoln (Shane Thomas)

While you typically would not think of Abraham Lincoln as a Rebel, the amount of political maneuvers he had to perform to abolish slavery was nothing short of a miracle. While there were certainly other supporters of the movement, without his strong persistence despite overwhelming doubt and discouragement, the legislation necessary to abolish slavery would not have passed during the civil war. On top of that Abraham Lincoln had many failures in his life, including many defeats when running for political office. Honest Abe never let that stop him though, and he proved that nothing great gets finished without strong persistence.

Walt Disney (Jessica Rice)

I chose Walt Disney as a rebel that I admire. After doing a brief study of his life, I learned that Walt Disney and his brothers didn't have the best relationship with their father. In fact, while growing up, each one of them tried running away at least once. When Walt ran away he even lied about his age so that he could be an ambulance driver during World War I. It was his childhood that inspired him to be the leader and voice in family entertainment. He desperately wanted a place where families could enjoy time together. But reaching this goal did not come easily, at the age of 22 Walt Disney went through Bankruptcy after a failure of a cartoon series in Kansas City. He then traveled to Los Angeles with only $40 to his name to try his hand at becoming an actor. Instead, he and his brother realized there was no animation business in California and they set up shop. His final successes were that he earned more than 950 honors, 48 of whom were Academy Awards, He created more than 81 feature films and hundreds of shorts, he founded the California Institute of the Arts and he built Disneyland. 

Rosa Parks (Deb Rombough)

Rosa Parks is best known as the “first lady of civil rights”.  On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama she refused to obey an order that she give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled. As a result of her defiance the Montgomery Bus Boycott ensued which helped spark the end of segregation.  She also received the Congressional Medal of Honor and earned various National recognition for your courage and strength.

Wright Brothers (Adam Learing)

When you typically think of rebels my guess isn't that Orville and Wilbur Wright come to mind. The truth is that most rebels get their rebel status by sticking thier necks out, saying no in the face of racism, sexism and the like, move people to change. The traits should exemplify a rebel, but while the Wright Brothers took a different approach to rebel status it doesn't mean they don't derserve their due. If you are familar with the story you would know that they had little or no hope of EVER succeeding. So much so that the government ignored them and instead put funds towards another individual, Samueal Pierpont Langley to figure out flight. The history of course has been written, the Wright Brothers were the first to take flight on December 17, 1903. The point is that the Wright Brothers had every chance to fold up and quit, but they didn't. Orville and Wilbur Wright pushed through failure, low funds, and being completed ignored to change the history of human travel forever. Now that is a rebel. 

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