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Homeschooling is a growing trend in the United States, and now STEM Fuse is making it easier for homeschooled students to keep up with new age teaching methods and courses. STEM Fuse is offering all Homeschools a discounted price on the majority of their fully-stocked courses, but only for a limited time.

Surprisingly, there are many students that are educated in a home school environment. Dr. Brian D. Ray reports, “There are about 2.2 million home-educated students in the United States. There were an estimated 1.73 to 2.35 million children (in grades K to 12) home educated during the spring of 2010 in the United States” (Ray, 2011). Dr. Ray has also found that homeschoolers score just as well, if not better than their public/private school counterparts. STEM Fuse can support and even boost these scores through their new age courses and methods. By-pass traditional electives and curricula and move into the alternative, technological, and futuristically-beneficial courses provided by STEM Fuse.

STEM Fuse recognizes that homeschoolers have the same opportunities as any other student; however, their schools do not have as large of a budget as other schools. For this reason, a majority of STEM Fuse’s 23 courses is discounted for valid homeschools. Does a discounted price mean discounted materials? NO! Homeschools that take advantage of this limited-time offer will still receive the royal treatment just as any other customer. Materials received in the course include presentations, assessments, teaching guides, and more! As always, STEM Fuse has a knowledgeable and fast-acting Support team to answer any of your questions promptly. The curricula offered by STEM Fuse meets the standards set by multiple associations like CTE, AP, and ISTE across many genres: Game building, Health, Web Development and even subjects like BioMedicine and Mobile App design.

The discounted price for homeschools on many STEM Fuse courses will not last long, so take advantage soon! Visit the STEM Fuse Home school page for more information on how to get your discount code.

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