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Free website design curriculum for high schools.

Too often, teachers continue to teach technology that is obsolete because they are comfortable with the material and are afraid of change. But is that what's best for the students? STEM Fuse says NO!


Because of a successful Kickstarter campaign, STEM Fuse was able to partner with leading website development companies, including Acquia, to develop a project-based Website Design curriculum, donate it to all US high schools that wish to offer this course in the 2015-16 school year and provide teacher training on the curriculum materials and the software used. This course covers new technology and procedures used by leading website design companies so the students are better prepared for the workplace.


“It’s vital that high school students are exposed to the current technologies used in the workplace, rather than learn obsolete technology, software or programming languages that are often taught in schools.” says STEM Fuse founder, Carter Tatge.


For more information about the course and to sign up, click here:http://stemfuse.com/shop/website-design


We want to make sure ALL high schools know about this opportunity. Please help us spread the word.

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