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Computer coding and programming is currently one of the fastest growing career fields available. With new technology developments being made daily, this career field can hardly keep up. Nearly every profession requires some element of computer coding and programming. Consider all of the technology that surrounds you every day; at the gas station, the grocery store, the auto repair shop, your favorite restaurant, and even your doctor’s office. The programs that are utilized to run all of these businesses were developed by computer coders and programmers. As our world becomes even more technologically advanced computer coders and programmers will find themselves in higher demand. The benefits of learning to code are numerous, even for individuals who don’t plan to make a career out of coding and programming. This skill is highly regarded and can be utilized in nearly every setting. We will focus on 5 of the most prevalent benefits of learning to code.

1. Learning to code and the logistics of programming can help you troubleshoot program issues that may arise.

How many times have you been working within a program or surfing the web and encountered a random error that makes absolutely no sense. How often do you find yourself screaming at the computer or your smart phone, for not responding in a timely manner or because you’ve encountered a glitch. Technology is a wonderful thing, and it has enhanced our quality of life tremendously. But, it can still be extremely frustrating! One of the benefits of learning to code and program computers is that you can solve some of these errors that we encounter on a daily basis. Coders and programmers have knowledge of this technology language that makes no sense to the rest of the population. By learning to code you can save yourself time, and possibly money, by fixing programming and computer problems yourself.

2. Learning to code fine tunes your critical thinking skills.

Computer programming and coding requires critical thinking skills. Individuals who learn coding and programming successfully must be critical thinkers and problem solvers. Those who learn these skills are also able to apply them in other settings. Critical thinking and effective problem solving are extremely marketable skills to possess. Learning to code and program helps to build these skills.

3. Learning to code helps you understand how technology and devices work

So many of us know how to drive and operate a car, but we have no idea how the motor of the car functions. We know how to turn on our furnace, but we don’t really know how the furnace works. The same can be applied to operating a computer or a computer program. We know we need to plug the device in and turn it on, but we don’t know what inside the device makes it operate. We don’t know the components of the program or how the components work together. Learning to code helps you to understand what drives the technology; how it works and why it works. This enhances our ability to troubleshoot errors when they occur and gives us the ability to improve the technology.

4. Learning programming can help communication skills in the modern technology driven world.

The prevalence of technology in our world is evident. Technology is present nearly everywhere we go. Learning to program can help you to communicate with this technology driven world. You have a better understanding of how things work and what elements are required to make them work. Individuals with a basic knowledge of coding are able to apply that knowledge in almost every setting they encounter whether it be work or personal.

5. Computer programming/development careers are in high demand and are well paying

The demand for computer programmers and developers is high, and is continuing to rise. This field is quickly expanding and the need for skilled programmers and developers is evident. Because of the high demand, computer coding and programming positions are compensated very well. Positions can also be flexible; allowing the opportunity to work from home or at an office. The opportunities are endless.

Even if you are not interested in making a career of computer coding and programming, the skills that can be gained by learning to code are extremely useful in both your personal and professional life. Learning to code can improve your critical thinking and problem solving skills while promoting technological independence. You may never have to call tech support again! These skills are highly valued in most all professional fields because individuals with coding knowledge are hard to come by. Furthermore, learning to code allows you the opportunity to improve the technology that we sometimes find so frustrating. By learning how the device and program work, you are able to make changes and improvements. Learning to code and program is a win-win, there is no downside to better understanding our technology driven world.

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