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Java Android Games

What is Java?

Java is a computer programming language that can be used to build many different types of applications, including games. One benefit about programming in Java is that it can be easily used on multiple platforms. This means you can build a game in Java on a Windows machine, and play the game on a Mac as long as it is set up to run Java.

Is Java a Popular Programming Language for Games

Until recently Java has not been a very popular programming language for building games. Some online games are built in Java but besides that, there we not many prominently built Java games. This changed with the Android operating system and Android phones and tablet devices. Android runs Java which means all Android applications and games are built using the Java programming language.

So how do we get started with Java game development?

Getting started with game development in Java is not the easiest task, however there are many online resources that makes the process simpler. Below is a basic outline of how to get started building your first Android application using the Java programming language.

1. Learn Java Programming Basics

The first step is to learn programming basics. If you are already familiar with programming, transitioning to Java will not be too difficult. If you have no experience programming there are many places you can start. If you just want to begin learning some programming basics, you can look at Codecademy. Keep in mind if you do start learning to program using Codecademy, that although they are both programming languages, JavaScript is not the same as Java. Another place to start learning Java programming basics is LearnJavaOnline which walks through some basic Java programming examples.

2. Download required tools

When you are ready to really start building Java programs and Android applications, download the Android SDK. The previous link will provide information on how to get Eclipse running and how to get all of the necessary Android components set up and installed.

3. Start Learning Android development

Once your development environment is set up, you can build your first Android application. The Android Developer website has many resources to help you get started. The best guide to get started is Building Your First App. After you complete this app, you can walk through some of the other training tutorials and guides.

4. Build your first Android game

There are many online tutorials on how to build simple Android games. One that seems very promising is a tutorial by James Cho on Java/Android Game Development. At this point you should be able to walk through a handful of free online Java game development tutorials and slowly build up your skills over time. You can also do a search on how to develop android games for more ideas. This is not a quick and easy process, this will take you a lot of time and will probably cause a few headaches. However, if you stick with it, you will be on your way to building fun and interactive Android games.

5. Continue building on your Java and Android development skills

In summary, Java game development is not an easy process to learn. However, if you get started on the right foot and stick with it through the struggles you can learn to build Android applications and games in Java. Throughout your struggles, you will have questions. The best place to start is a search engine like Google. Thousands of other new developers run into the same problems everyday so if you have an issue, there is a good chance someone else has run into that same problem and has posted something online about how they solved it.

Good luck, and happy coding!

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