Posted by Summer on December 12 2013

I chose this topic for several reasons, but most importantly to try and get a better handle on Common Core as a whole. What does it mean? How does it affect schools? Do teachers lose control? Are their standards for all courses?

My love for Google is well documented, so my first thought was to simply google “Common Core”. That was sure fun, talk about information overload. My first question (what is Common Core?) was answered pretty quickly: The Common Core State Standards...

Posted by Kari on August 08 2015

Stop the Insanity!

Many districts have room for improvement in their math and reading test scores, yet they continue to use the same curriculum year after year, expecting scores to rise.  Seems insane, doesn’t it?

STEM Fuse offers the solution to districts seeking to improve their student’s proficiency in math and reading.  Our...