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The 8th grade materials are designed to cover all of the Common Core State Standards for 8th grade. The entire first unit emphasizes the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practices. This unit sets up the rest of the course, as it gets the students thinking analytically, while experiencing success which builds confidence. Although these practices will be incorporated into the rest of the course, the focus in the upcoming units will be on the content of the standards.

The second unit focuses on building a strong understanding of numbers and operations. The students will then apply these skills to algebraic topics and a few geometric concepts in the next four units. The next three units (Pre-Algebra, Algebraic Concepts, and Systems) focus on algebraic topics, as the goal of this course is to prepare the students for Algebra I. The sixth and final unit is Geometry. The geometric concepts in this unit require a strong background in simplifying and solving equations. This was done intentionally to ensure that we meet our goal of preparing the students for Algebra I. The topics in each unit build as the units progress, while constantly spiraling back. The units are also designed to connect current topics to previous units. This type of design helps improve understanding and retention.

Each of the lessons start with engaging discussions that will get the students talking and thinking about mathematics. The lessons continue by stating a high-level objective. These objectives are met through high-level questioning that emphasizes reasoning ability and conceptual understanding as well as facts and algorithms. All of this is done by engaging the students with activities, applications, and games in a teacher-friendly format.

What's Included

All of our math courses are available both digitally and in physical form. With purchase of the curriculum, the teacher will receive a hard copy form of the teacher manual. Hard copy student manuals are available, but will incur an additional cost. 

Each unit comes with all Powerpoints, Assignments, Quizzes and Tests both for the teacher and student. 

Curriculum Layout

Course Standards

Technical Requirements

There are no additional programs or software needed to run this course. Additional materials used throughout the class are provided with purchase.  Internet access is required to download the digitial copy of this curriculum.