The READ:IT! reading program aligns with all five components recommended by the National Reading Panel—phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Written in a format ready for RTI (Response to Intervention) implementation, this research-based curriculum provides a step by step multisensory approach that is more teacher-friendly than any other program of its kind. As it is aligned with the reading and spelling common core standards, teachers are guaranteed to teach all necessary skills and strategies at the appropriate developmental levels of their students.

READ:IT gets results. Click here to see the success READ:IT has had with our students

“I just wanted to tell you that Read:IT is going SO well with my kiddos.  I can already see the difference this program is making. I knew way back in August that my kids needed an intensive intervention program beyond what I had to use in my room and I'm so glad I decided on Read It!  We use every bit of our 60 minutes to get most everything in each day!  

What's also great is that I have become a pro!  I feel like I could teach another teacher how to use Read it! I've become that confident.  Furthermore, I had a teacher ask me what I was doing with one of her first grade students because his decoding skills and nonsense word reading had gotten so much better.  He never used to "sound out" words and now he does 80% of the times he said.  This same student also mixed up (i, e, a) short vowel sounds, but with the word maker square, he has gotten so much better.  His DRA level went up when she tested him for this month.  

It's very exciting and helps me know my instruction is being effective.  So this program is working for my students.  I just wanted to let you know!  Thank you so much Stephanie!!!”

K-5 Special Education
Horizon Elementary, Endeavor

"I thought I would share one of our proudest results…this is a progress monitoring graph for our lowest 2nd grader (at the beginning of the year---no longer!!!).  As you can see, this student was slowly improving through the year, but recently, he has skyrocketed!!  This aim-line, if he stays on it, shows he will end the year AT GRADE LEVEL!!! 

We are so very excited about the results in our students---every student has improved!!"

Kristi Maloney - PDC Mentor/ Principal Intern
Dakota Valley Elementary

READ:IT: $1499 per classroom for 3 years
-- Full teacher’s guide with tabs to navigate through each section easily
-- All Lesson plans written in RTI format for better differentiation of instruction
-- Colorful games, activities, and manipulatives to ensure a multi-sensory approach
-- All assessments and assessment data sheets
-- STEM text and activities (including basic computer programming)

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