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STEM Fuse is the creator of the largest suite of K-12 STEM courses and has helped over 1.3+ million customers nationwide implement our STEM curricula. We have worked with college professors, industry professionals, and K-12 teachers to develop courses related to the fastest growing industries. Our courses have been proven to raise engagement, help educators teach important 21st century skills and follow all applicable standards. STEM Fuse specializes in sparking interest in STEM at a young age with our fun curricula, and allows students to expand on those fields with our career and secondary information.

Now you can offer select courses in your homeschool, after-school or tutoring environment for only $100/course…and that includes EVERYTHING (student & teacher materials, assessments, projects, lessons and software). Free online training provided for GAME:IT Elementary, GAME:IT Junior, GAME:IT & GAME:IT Intermediate.

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Computer Programming Series

These hands-on projects will teach beginning computer programming skills and graphic design/animation using the appeal of game design & mobile app development. Students will build real working games or apps using step-by-step instructions and then will be unleashed to create their own original games. In these courses, students will:

  • Learn to think like a programmer
  • Be introduced to the engineering design cycle and the math and physics concepts that are used in game development
  • Design game characters and backgrounds
  • Learn to storyboard original games
  • Explore their own creativity
  • Learn about STEM careers
Course Name Grade Level More Information
Game:IT Elementary 2nd - 5th View More
Game:IT Junior 5th - 8th View More
Game:IT 9th - 12th View More
Game:IT Intermediate 9th - 12th View More
Game:IT Advanced (C#) 10th - 12th View More
Mobile App:IT 10th - 12th View More

Health Science Courses

Careers in health sciences are among the fastest growing in the US. Introduce your students to biomedicine, biotechnology or health information technology with these courses.

Homeschool price of $100 includes curriculum purchase only. Teacher's binder for Biotechnology and lab supplies for Biomedicine with Lab can be purchased separately for $200 (includes shipping).

Course Name Grade Level More Information
Health:IT 9th - 12th View More
BioTechnology 10th - 12th View More
BioMedicine with Lab 10th - 12th View More

Business Courses

With START:IT, students can gain an understanding and overview of how to turn an innovative idea into an actual business, including: preparing a business plan, financial statements, social media for business use, technologies used in starting and running a business.

STEM Careers covers self-assessment to determine how their interests could translate to a career, career exploration, job-shadow, college readiness, resume writing & interviewing skills and the use of technologies needed to search for and prepare for the workplace.

Course Name Grade Level More Information
Start:IT 9th - 12th View More
STEM Careers 9th - 12th View More
Website Design 9th - 12th View More

Our courses are engaging, easy to teach, introduce important STEM and 21st Century skills, are standards-aligned and best of all, they’re FUN! Contact to receive your homeschool discount code to purchase any of these courses for only $100.

Math and Reading can be offered at a reduced price for homeschools. Please inquire for details.

*Offer is limited to homeschool and/or co-op members and families. 

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