Posted by Dylan on July 22, 2015

Computer Science is moving into the basic core subject areas of education in grades five through twelve. Common subject areas plus their respective sub-categories include: 

    Literary Understanding



Physical Sciences

Posted by Dylan on July 15, 2015

When society thinks about building a digital game, whether it’s an app game, 2-D platformer, or a full-fledged video game, some believe that a team of glasses-wearing coders are glued to a computer screen for 15 months. While some coders may wear glasses, there is so much more to creating a game than society may realize. It would take years to properly break down every aspect of game building in great detail so here are 5 central areas of game building, which some people may not have...

Posted by Kari on July 14, 2015

Free website design curriculum for high schools.

Too often, teachers continue to teach technology that is obsolete because they are comfortable with the material and are afraid...

Posted by Kari on July 14, 2015

Science teacher, Sara Peloquin, plays a critical part in providing the technology rich environment by teaching many of the STEM courses at Spectrum High School in Elk River, MN.  Sara teaches Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Science and Robotics.  This last year, Spectrum High School purchased the STEM Fuse GAME:IT ...

Posted by Dylan on June 30, 2015

Homeschooling is a growing trend in the United States, and now STEM Fuse is making it easier for homeschooled students to keep up with new age teaching methods and courses. STEM Fuse is offering all Homeschools a discounted price on the majority of their fully-stocked courses, but only for a limited time.

Surprisingly, there are many students that are educated in a home school environment. Dr. Brian D. Ray reports, “There are about 2.2...

Posted by Dylan on June 25, 2015

Mad Science or Medicine? 

Metaphorically, technology and medicine are holding hands making enormous strides of success together. Consider that not long ago in the grand scheme of things, the ultrasound machine was non-existent. That meant that no parent could find out the gender of their child or children for that matter. No doctor could visualize any prenatal defect or prepare for said defect(s). Nowadays any motivated mother or parent could simply purchase an in-home portable...

Posted by Kari on June 15, 2015

Kevin Dick is a Tech Ed teacher from Mankato West High School and has been named our June Teacher of the Month. 

STEM in the classroom:  
West High School offers a Game Design course to students as a means to explore the design process and integrate STEM disciplines along the way.  Once students grasp how important and...

Posted by Dylan on June 09, 2015

Imagine if a single teacher could teach several students from many districts in multiple states in varying countries all around the world. One teacher could reach thousands of students. It may not surprise to learn that this is the goal of several organizations around the globe. This starts with the use of a simple, free software called Skype. Of course, there are other software programs and apps that have a similar function but for popularity sake, we’ll use Skype. The idea is using...

Posted by Dylan on June 09, 2015

Our technological society has morphed the importance of the newspaper into the power of blogs; I am here to fuel that power. My name is Dylan Winthers, and I am the newest edition to the STEM Fuse family, which has provided me the opportunity to take command of the STEM Fuse blog. There’s a new sheriff in these parts, and there’s going to be some changes ‘round here.

First, the sporadic postings are done; order has arrived. I plan to publish AT LEAST one post every other week....

Posted by Summer on November 24, 2014

Believe it or not, that time of year is upon us again.  In just a few short days many of us will be enjoying an overabundance of food (and maybe drink) all while keeping one eye on the...